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The Mediterranean Diet Protects Bones

It is a long-established fact that people in the Mediterranean countries boast good health until they are well into old age. It happens owing to the Mediterranean diet with its dominance of vegetables, fruits, monounsaturated fats, dietary fibers and a low percentage of saturated fats.

The leading writer of a new study Jose Manuel Fernandez of University Hospital of Girona “Dr Josep Trueta” commented on the results. According to him, the plague of the modern society is bone loss, osteoporosis, and dangerous fractures. Men and women alike suffer from it, and the older one grows, the higher the risk to end up as a disabled person.

Nevertheless, the study reveals that people who live in the Mediterranean area suffer from osteoporosis in a significantly lesser degree. Their diet, rich in olive oil, is conducive to a significant rise in osteocalcin concentration as well as other bone forming factors.

olive oil

Olive oil

The study was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.