The Best Organic Red Wine Australia Has to Offer

Shopping through the wine section in any Aussie supermarket, and you’ll be shocked to find out there are many locally made options to choose from. And it gets worse if you are in search of the red variety as these are some of the common ones you’ll find on sale.

But the multitude of Aussies who shop for wines choose more of the red variety, and this attitude is also common with most vine lovers in other parts of the world. And if you happen to be shopping for the best quality bottles, you surely want to choose organic. Need help with finding quality red wines in Australia? You can check the Organic Hill Wines for some of the best brands around.

The Australian Wine Market

Nothing has changed really over the years with the drinking habit of Australians. While you can find most of the adult population having a favorite beer brand, there are equally those particular about the grape-flavored type alcoholic beverage. So you can expect that the market is well stocked with bottles from vineyards across the country. The hard part is finding the best variety for you. And if you know how to shop for the best organic Australian wines, you won’t have a problem making your choice.

How to shop for Red Wine

Not too many people know that all bottles of red vines are not the same; while they usually follow the same preparation process from grape to juice, the grapes used are generally different.

So the first start for beginners is to learn about the different grapes used in the winery. And it is best to stick to the favored kinds in the Aussie market. When it comes to shopping for the best red varieties in Australia, you want to follow strict procedures.

Beginner Options

For first-timer who aren’t sure of a brand that will appeal to their taste buds, it is best to opt for the dry red or those with tasty flavors. You could quickly fall out of a passion for the bold variety if you begin with the sour-tasting kinds.

You should know that white vines are sweeter than the red variety, but this doesn’t mean there are no suitable options for first-timers. Some of the best bold options for beginners include Shiraz, Petite Sirah, Garnacha, Monastrell, and Carmenere. They have a fruity appeal in their blending and suppler on the taste buds.

It is best to avoid blends of different grape varieties as it is common to find brands that perfect this act. While this may be the best way to enjoy a more robust grape blend, it could make it hard to settle on a particular choice if you are new to the winery business. You can find more here on choosing the best wines for beginners.

Understanding the Different Red Variety

You will agree that you will notice they differ in their boldness at first glance at a collection of different red varieties. The main differentiating factor is their body type, which is how light or bold their tannin levels are. While you may need a complete tutorial on understanding red wines, some of the vital info you want to have in mind include

Light Bodied Variety

These appear light on the red and are the right choice for white wine lovers looking to try the bold variety. They are light on the tongue and are more of a refreshing kind as they contain low tannin levels, which are responsible for the strong taste of the red variety.

Popular options include Pinot Noir, St. Laurent, Lambrusco, Beaujolais, and they are a perfect choice to go with food. It is also possible to find these varieties cheaper than other types, which could be due to the low level of tannins. And this is another reason for you to shop these in the Australian organic wine market.

Medium Bodied

Already familiar with the light-bodied variant and need to step up your taste for more tannin? Then you want to switch to the medium-bodied red variety. They are not too strong or light on the taste bud and just right if you want something that everyone will enjoy at a party whether they drink wine or not. These are easy sipping varieties and could also be ideal for feasting. Notable options include Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Barbera, and Zinfandel.


These are ideal for red wine lovers who want to enjoy all the savory and sting that grapes have to offer. They are higher in tannin levels and usually hold the strongest alcohol content of all three options. You can enjoy them best with the finest meals or on special occasions where it is okay for deep vines extracts to flow.

Some of the popular options include Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, and Shiraz. When in the market for the best options for a gift, especially for elderly persons, you want to go for this grape category. There are also more tips on the benefits of the full-bodied grape variety.

Tips for Picking Organic Red Wine in Australia

Not too much fuss if you already know the key things to watch out for, but most people would need help in this department. And if you are bent on going home with the best bottle for you, some of the things you want to ensure are

Avoid Chemical Additives

You can find high levels of sulfites in many wine bottles. They are used mainly as a preservative to keep the grapes from losing their taste, and they are known to cause toxicity to the body. The tannins found in the full-bodied variety are also known to leave light drinkers in a bit of discomfort.

Choose Popular Brands

This can be an excellent way to avoid all the risks involved with shopping for wines. Get online and find out what other Australians are buying and see which one appeals best to you. Ensure to read through reviews so you can learn about the good, bad, and ugly of all the options available.