Exploring Cookware – Qualities, Type of Materials, and Safe Cooking

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware of how to take care of their health. They prioritize going to the gym, buying and cooking their food. Others would have themselves listed for a certain diet. All of these are just some ways to keep themselves fit and healthy. But other than these, there are still many factors to consider in keeping oneself healthy.

So, are you on the game to start changing your habits? Where would you think you could start doing this? You can start working on this at home. Aside from the foods that you buy and eat, why don’t we take a look at the cookware that we use for cooking? This article will guide you in finding the best one that you can use for your kitchen.

Qualities That Make Good Cookware

1. Durable

You might be planning in using it for an occasion or for a long time. Buy cookware that is already proven and tested with its durability. Popular brands that have been present for many years can guarantee you with this one. Moreover, this will save you from getting one in a short time.

2. Good heat conductor

No one likes cold food. And the reason why you cook is that you want it hot. In getting your frying pan, make sure that it has a good heat conductor. This means it can contain the temperature of the food without leaving it cold in a very short time.

3. Easy and good experience

It is easy to remember company brands because of their outstanding performance. This holds the same in choosing your cookware for your kitchen. You only trust those that you have good cooking experience with. It is because of the comfort and convenience in using it. Less hassle means you are saving a lot of effort in cooking.

4. Material used

There have been cases where some frying pans are known to have omitted hazardous chemicals. That is why you must read the product descriptions of what you buy. Researching previous reviews about the product would help as well. This is also based on the cookware that you are eyeing on.

5. Inexpensive

A quality cookware does not need to be expensive. You can get affordable ones in the market. You can also recycle or buy old pots and pans that are still in good condition. Click here for more information on getting the best quality cooking pans or pots.

Now, let us go to the types of cookware. You can choose from different cookware, and it depends on the function you are looking for.

Common Types Of Cookware

Stainless steel

You can use this in cooking and baking. However, this is known to have low heat conductivity. It is also prone to burning food on its surface. Thus, making it hard to clean because of the residue.


You might be familiar with non-stick pans. This is good at frying because it does not need much oil. On the other hand, it requires too much care in washing it. It is said that getting the coating peeled or scratched could emit bad chemicals. This is dangerous in anybody’s health.


It is usually used in baking. It gives enough heat for the food. However, its coating may not be as good as one in a non-stick pan.

Enameled cast iron

This is best in searing and sautéing. This is known for its durability. It may take a little time to get heat but once covered, it will surely give enough heat to the food.


This is a good type of material for cooking. Since it is made up of metal, it gives enough heat to the food. Also, it can contain the heat of the food much longer compared to other cookware. Also, you can check out the selection of pot and pans reviewed to help you decide what you will buy.

How To Practice Safe cooking

Be Familiar With The Material Used

Get to know if your pan does not emit perfluorooctanoic or PFOA. This is a harmful chemical that is believed to have caused cancer in many people. Inhaling this chemical could cause damage to your body and health.

Cookware Handle

There are kinds of handles. It could be riveted, screwed or welded. Whatever kind of handle you have, make sure to practice holding your cookware with your hands. Moreover, always use a pan holder to avoid burning yourself.

Turn off fire

Remind yourself that you have to turn off the fire in your stove or oven once you are done. Forgetting this one would eventually lead to burning your pans and pots and much worse is getting your house on fire. When food gets burnt in your frying pan or pots, chemicals are emitted in the air. This could harm your health and could result in suffocating or even death.

Use heat moderately

Cookware is all different in its qualities. This is also true in using heat to it. Too much heat could damage your pans or pots. That is why, as much as possible, use fire moderately. Avoid using extreme heats so that the coating will not peel off. Find out some more tips on safety cooking.

Do not store food in the cookware

You might not find this threatening, but this also affects the quality of your cookware. The performance of your frying pan or pot could deteriorate. This is because the oil or acid of your food could result in sticking or staining your pan or pot. Clean it after using and store it dry.