Lasagna Bolognese

Lasagna Bolognese

Lasagna is one of the best and most famous dishes. Hearty fragrant…
Sweet Lasagna with Apples

Sweet Lasagna with Apples

Amazing fragrant, delicious and delicate puff pie. This is our…
Handy machine for forming tortellini

Ingenious Gadgets

Handy devices make our life easier; they make the process of…
Bauletti with Meat

Bauletti with Meat Recipe

This is our original recipe, which was inspired by a dish from…
Ingredients for Lasagna with Meat and Eggplant

The Recipe for Lasagna with Meat, Cheese and Eggplant

Here’s one more recipe for lasagna. This time we made it with…
Ingredients for Bauletti with Ricotta and Spinach

The Recipe for Bauletti with Ricotta and Spinach

This dish is an interesting version of lasagna, and you will…

Lasagna by Alfredo

Lasagna is a traditional dish of Italian cuisine. It originated…