Papaya and Cranberry Dessert Recipe

Have you already tried papaya? You absolutely have to try it not only because of its wonderful taste. This fruit has another amazing property – you can eat papaya as much as you want without gaining extra pounds. In combination with cranberry the health effect doubles because cranberry is ranked high on the list of the planet’s healthiest foods. Cranberry is especially good for women’s health. It goes without saying that honey is beneficial for our body. We posted earlier on the health effects of this flower nectar in The Health Benefits of Honey. All this makes our fabulous dessert very healthy.

Ingredients for Papaya and Cranberry Dessert

  • 1 papaya, 400-500 g
  • 200 g cranberry
  • 100 g natural honey
  • 30-40 g walnut cores
Ingredients for Papaya and Cranberry Dessert

Ingredients for Papaya and Cranberry Dessert

Cooking Instructions

  1. Cut the papaya along, scoop out flesh carefully, not damaging the skin.
  2. Cut the papaya flesh into dices.
  3. Wash cranberry, drain through a colander.
  4. In a bowl, combine papaya flesh, cranberry and pour honey over.
  5. Fill papaya skin with the mixture, garnish with walnut cores.
  6. Serve.
Papaya and Cranberry Dessert

Papaya and Cranberry Dessert