Italian Pie “Casatiello Napoletano”

Ingredients for Italian Pie “Casatiello Napoletano”This Italian pie recipe is a version of “casatiello napoletano”.

Why version? The thing is that the original “casatiello napoletano” is very delicious but it is not easy to stomach. Sо, not all people can eat this baked food, especially those watching their weight or having digestive disorders.

That’s why we offer lighter and easier recipe here, without lard. You can make this pie for Christmas dinner or any other holiday and your family and guest will enjoy it. It is also a traditional Italian outdoor food when families go out for a picnic on Easter holidays.

Ingredients for Italian Pie “Casatiello Napoletano”

2 cups (500 g) flour
150 ml. water
1 tablespoon (20 g) yeast
3-4 tablespoons (50 ml) milk
3 tablespoons (50 ml) olive oil
100 g smoked sausage
100 g bacon
100 g hard savory cheese (like Provolone)
100 g Parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

Recipe of Italian Pie “Casatiello Napoletano”

  • Dissolve yeast in warm milk.
  • In a bowl, put flour, dissolved yeast, salt and oil.
  • Mix well, adding water.
  • Knead dough until soft and pliable.
  • Shape dough into a ball and put in warm place for 1-2 hours.
  • As dough raises, knead occasionally (three times during 2 hours).
  • Then finely dice cheese, sausage and bacon. Cut Parmesan cheese in half and finely grate one half of it.
  • Combine the ingredients with dough and knead well again.
  • Roll dough into a tube shape, coat with oil and let raise for 15-20 minutes.
  • Then place into properly pre-heated oven.
  • Bake at the temperature of 320-360 F (180-200 C) for 30-40 minutes until done.
  • When pie turns nicely brown, it is ready.
  • Arrange on a serving plate, let cool and serve.

Italian Pie “Casatiello Napoletano”