Ice-Watch Alarm Clock Review

What are the most necessary things for the kitchen? Every good housewife will reel off a long list of items – does yours include a watch? You’re not going to miss out on a watch, are you? Probably you keep looking at it all the time while you are cooking and take it for granted. Just how much does your watch participate in your kitchen wizardry?

So what about treating yourself to a trendy and convenient watch – or treating your friend to one? Christmas is not so far off, you know, just make sure they will sell it to you with the beautiful matching case. Shade Station is here to help you!

The beauty Shade Station has to offer is this Ice-Watch ITAF-YW alarm clock. The outstanding feature of the watch is that it can fit into practically any kitchen design from an old-fashioned one to the most modern affair. Oh, by the way, it is very useful outside the kitchen as well.


The Ice-Watch ITAF-YW is fairly large, about the size of an adult’s palm, and come in a choice of colors: white, pink, yellow, and blue, all with three-hand movement and water resistance. The item hails from Belgium and is a comparatively recent trademark, which means its gives off a contemporary vibe and designed to suit today’s standards.

These incredible Ice-Watch alarm clocks can be found at Shade Station at an affordable price – considering that it is a hit with those who are into watches.