How To Make Tasty Food On A Budget

It really is no big secret that feeding a family can cost an arm and leg these days. Cutting coupons and hitting the Internet for the latest deli deals can be a great way to save money on groceries. But, sometimes these tactics just do not provide enough savings. Not to mention that sticking to a grocery budget can even be tougher. Unfortunately, food is one category of your shopping that you can’t cross off because everyone has to eat. If this sounds like your life you are about to be in for a shock. Below, you will discover some amazingly tasty food recipes that you can whip up on just about any budget.

Fresh Vegetable Lasagna

There really is a reason that every mom loves pasta night, it is fun, easy, and extremely cheap. The fresh vegetable lasagna really is no exception. The best thing about this amazing meal is that it can really cut the budget without cutting the taste of your meal. With fresh zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, and the easy to make lasagna noodles, these ingredients not only taste great, but they keep the preparation simple as it could ever be. Along with this, the fresh vegetable lasagna provides reduced fat compared to the traditional lasagna. So, if you are looking to eat healthy or cut carbs, you really cannot beat this meal.


This cheap and easy dish really is suitable for just about anyone, as it masters two delicious tastes in one. First, you have the barbecue beef brisket. Secondly, you have the tender juiciness of a finely cooked chicken breast. When you combine these ingredients with the tomato and chili sauce, it really brings the whole dish together with a little bit of heat. You can even throw in a dash of brown sugar to make things a little sweeter if you want. Don’t forget to check out to get the latest information on pressure cookers and other cooking equipment that will make dinner at home easier than you could ever imagine.

Stovetop Chicken Pie

Simple and delicious is always a good thing when it comes to dinner and this dish really could not get much simpler or much easier. A family-sized chicken will be sufficient enough chopped chicken to bring this entire dish to life, which you can purchase for an extremely affordable price. With peas and mushrooms, there won’t be a clean plate left on the kitchen table. Some recipes for this dish even call for buttermilk biscuits, but you can skip this if you want.

Hot Catfish

It really does not get more southern than fresh fried catfish. Of course, this dish will take a little more preparation than usual, as you have to soak the catfish in buttermilk and hot sauce for 24 hours, but when the who mix comes together with flour, you will truly be glad you took these extra preparations. The fish will be so light and flaky that it will literally fall apart as you are putting it in your mouth. Add some more salt or hot sauce to spice things up even more.

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