Create Unique Edible Gifts Using Mason Jars

Mason jars have become widely popular for their convenient size and storage capabilities. However, they have also become a popular DIY gift idea when filled with edible contents. If you are looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for a special someone, try one of these mason jar edible ideas out.

1. Shortcake in a Jar

If you are going to a dinner party, try bringing a strawberry shortcake in a mason jar as a hostess gift or delicious dessert. All you need is Angel Food cake, fresh strawberries, heavy cream, vanilla, and sugar. When these ingredients mixed together, they create a delicious strawberry concoction in a jar. You will impress the other dinner guests and hostess with this delectable treat.

2. Fudge Brownies

A fun gift idea is a brownie in a jar that can be made with a few simple steps. Try adding all the dry ingredients into the jar and attaching a cute, decorative tag with the list of necessary wet ingredients and baking instructions; you can get really creative with this step! This is a thoughtful gift that will leave any recipient happy.

3. Chocolate Cookie in a Jar

Nothing tastes better than a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. And, nothing looks sweeter than a cookie in a jar. Layer your favorite cookie ingredients in a mason jar and top with chocolate chips. Seal the jar and attach a decorative tag that gives the recipient a list of needed wet ingredients and baking instructions. This is a fun twist on bringing homemade cookies to a party or as a gift for anyone.

4. Creative Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a delicious dessert of the afternoon snack, but sometimes frosting a whole batch can be tedious. Try making cupcakes in a jar and you will definitely be amazed by how it turns out. Layer your favorite cupcake recipe and frosting (red velvet tastes great) in a jar, seal the lid, and attach a cute spoon with some vintage looking string. This is a very versatile recipe so get creative with whatever cupcake you want to put in a jar.

5. Get Spicy

Typically, there are a lot of baking ideas for mason jars. However, taco seasoning or meat rubs can be great unique gifts when you put them in a mason jar. Try putting your favorite taco seasoning in a jar to bring to a party or give away as mini gifts. A meat rub can be a very personalized gift for somebody who enjoys barbecuing, and the jar can conveniently hold a lot of spices/rub.

Edible gifts using mason jars are popular for a reason, they are unique. Not only can you put almost anything into the jar, but you can decorate the jar creatively and even personalize it for a special someone. People love giving (and receiving) creative gifts, and people also enjoy food! So, what better idea than to give them an edible gift in a mason jar? The next time you are looking to give someone a special present or you find yourself needing a dessert or appetizer to bring to a dinner party, try out one of the ideas above!