Deck Ovens: A More Sustainable Bread Baking Option

Bread baking is certainly not new in the modern day. People have been baking bread for thousands of years, and through these years, different types of bread have been developed and also perfected so that we can today enjoy them in many ways.

The preparation process is considered a crucial component to ensuring bread can come out perfect, but this is not the only part of the process that will ultimately decide whether or not the bread will be to the baker’s satisfaction. The baking process counts for a lot, and without an appropriate oven that is ideal for the particular type of items that are being baked, the results will not be what they should be.

While both conventional ovens and deck ovens can be used in the process of baking the perfect bread for any particular bakery, it is crucial to consider the potential advantages that a deck oven can offer over other options that may also be utilized in the process.

The fact that heat is distributed more equally in a deck oven is the primary benefit that is usually associated with this type of oven. This is why bakers tend to opt for a deck oven when it comes to baking rustic bread, baguettes, rolls, ciabatta, and many other types of bread. Even when baking up a batch of Keto friendly breads, a deck oven certainly has the upper hand.

In addition to the fact that heat distribution is significantly improved with a deck oven over conventional options, there is also the added benefit that energy usage will be significantly reduced. In fact, some professional bakers have reported that they have started to save as much as 75% energy after they implemented a deck oven, compared to the energy that they were using while they were baking their bread in other types of ovens.

Deck ovens also provide a more sustainable option. Sure, the initial investment that is needed to purchase and install a deck oven may be higher than what is needed for a conventional oven, but in the long run, the deck oven will prevail in the sustainability department. This is primarily due to the significant reduction in energy consumption that is achieved with this type of oven. Consider saving 75% on your energy bill over a period of five years, for example.

There are other reasons why people are opting for deck ovens as well, such as the fact that they often allows for a better distribution of the dough itself prior to baking. Professional bakers know that there needs to be adequate space around every piece of dough in order for the bread to be baked to perfection.

With conventional ovens and some of the other options, you would often find yourself stuffing in the dough due to limited space. With a deck oven, this is no longer an issue. You have several layers where the bread can be stacked, and due to the even distribution of the heat, there is also no need to worry about the upper and lower levels reaching higher temperatures than the rest of the layers.