Tips for Making Vietnamese Style Food and Beverages

Do you want to try out new cuisines? Well, some of the cuisines that you must not leave out are the Vietnamese cuisine. The foods are known to contain the best, and natural ingredients, spices and also their variety of cooking styles make them stand out. We cannot forget about their great beverages that consist of herbal elements as well. One way to learning how to make the real Vietnamese foods and drinks is by knowing their secret ingredients and how to incorporate them into meals as well. Below are some tips and tricks essential for making Vietnamese foods and beverages.

Use of Coconut Milk

For those who want to watch on their weight or would want to cut down on the number of calories consumed, coconut milk is the leading cooking product. The coconut milk can also be used as a sweetener or to make your foods have a great and sweet aroma. You can add the coconut milk to your soups, curries, and rice as well.

Toast Roasted Peanuts for Better Tastes

A lot of Vietnamese people love to make their meals or even bake with the use of roasted peanuts. To add flavor to your meals or peanuts, consider toasting the roasted peanuts before you use them. Just buy fresh peanuts and bake them in your home or buy already roasted ones and store them in the fridge. Before using the peanuts in your food, toast them in a skillet under medium heating to avoid overcooking them. The added toast to the peanuts boosts their flavor and gives them a unique taste. Just make sure you immediately remove them from fire once they start to turn brown.

Freezing Spices

If you love to use chiles and galangal the best way to preserve them for a long time is by freezing them. The two products add great flavors to your foods, and they can stay fresh up to a month when frozen. Just put them in a zip storage paper and seal them properly before storing in the fridge. Visit to see how different spices are used in Vietnamese cuisines.

Grid Your Spices

Sometimes we prefer to use readymade spices like the pepper, chili or even coriander. If you buy these products from a grocery store, you would agree with me that their taste is a bit different as compared to the fresh ones. Some even loose around 40 percent of their flavors from the manufacturing process. To ensure that your spices don’t lose the entire taste, consider grinding them at home. Use a coffee grinder as it is the best device for grinding. Then store them in small jars for usage. Vietnamese uses freshly ground spices, and that is the reason their food always have a great aroma.

Making the Vietnamese Coffee

According to Vietnamese, the secret to making great coffee is by ensuring that it is extra ground fine and using the right machine to make the right amount. Meaning, if you want to make a small amount of coffee let’s say around 4 cups, consider using a small coffee maker. Also, ensure that you use the dark roasted beans as they are the best for flavored coffee.

Vietnamese foods are known for the great and healthy flavors that they consist all over the world. The secret to retaining the flavors according to the above-discussed points is through ensuring that the foods are prepared in the right ways, and the spices are made and stored naturally. So use the above guides to learn a few tips in preparing both Vietnamese foods and beverages.