How to Cook Cucumbers Stuffed with Tuna

If the cucumbers in your  garden at your country house have grvegetableown oversize, never mind. They will make excellent appetizers – just scoop out the seeds and stuff it with any pate or mincemeat you may fancy. If their skin is too rough better take it off. Long “salad-type” cucumbers are very good for such appetizers. And, while we’re at it, avoid buying mayonnaise at shops, there are too many chemicals in it. You’d rather prepare home-made mayonnaise. It won’t take you so much time, in five minutes you will have a delicious and very healthy mayonnaise. We always make it with olive oil and lemon juice using a special recipe. Such mayonnaise will make a gourmet’s delight out of any appetizer.

Ingredients for Cucumbers Stuffed with Tuna

  • One long and big cucumber
  • A can of tuna fish
  • One garlic clove
  • A few twigs of parsley
  • A few spoonfuls of home-made olive mayonnaise
Ingredients for Cucumbers Stuffed with Tuna

Ingredients for Cucumbers Stuffed with Tuna

Cooking Instructions

  1. Crush a garlic clove in a masher and mix it with minced parsley.
  2. Add mayonnaise and mash the mixture together with pieces of tuna turning the mixture into pate. It should be quite thick.
  3. Cut the cucumber across into large pieces. Scoop out the core with the seeds.
  4. Place the cucumber pieces vertically allowing the juice to run out.
  5. Stuff the pieces with the mixture of the tuna with mayonnaise.
  6. You can serve it straightaway decorating the dish with greens, tomatoes or whatever you may fancy.
Cucumbers Stuffed with Tuna

Cucumbers Stuffed with Tuna