Just How Wholesome Are Cucumbers?

It may seem that cucumbers are too ordinary and common vegetables to be very wholesome. But in fact cucumbers are not quite so ordinary. Cucumbers contain a unique substance – tartronic acid. This wonderful acid neutralizes the carbohydrates that get into the body with food and thus prevents their turning into fat. That’s why it is necessary to include cucumbers in your daily diet if you want to lose weight.

Apples and cabbages contain this acid too. But there is a small nuance. Tartronic acid is destroyed when heated. So you must eat these foods fresh or pickled without thermal cooking for losing weight. Dieticians advise to eat a small cucumber, maybe with a small piece of rye-bread, each time you feel a pang of hunger, and it will go for losing weight without putting yourself out. And you will get stable results. Cucumber diets are very effective.

What else can we say about crispy cucumbers’ health effect? They produce super rejuvenating, hydrating and bleaching effect on the skin. A cucumber mask with olive oil and several drops of lemon juice is more effective than expensive creams. It will smooth out wrinkles and make your skin soft and glowing.

Cucumbers are also helpful in cleansing intestines, kidneys and joints; it means that they help detox the whole body. That is because they consist of 95% natural water. Besides, cucumbers are rich with potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Now you see that a common cucumber is not so ordinary.