Stuffed Olives Appetizer Recipe

Green olives are rich in a strong antioxidant called lutein which keeps our eye sight robust. That’s why it’s healthy to get more of them into our everyday diet.

A very tasty way to make olives appetizer is to stuff olives with any grated soft cheese and wrap them in ham.

We stuffed Cerignola olives with Gorgonzola blue cheese. The combination gave rich, pleasant taste, going well with boiled quail eggs, sweet cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.

You can make this appetizer for your Easter table. It will make a difference to your menu and your guests will be delighted with this fabulous option.

Ingredients for Stuffed Olives Appetizer

  • 150 g green olives
  • 40-50 g Gorgonzola blue cheese
  • 7-8 quail eggs
  • 7-8 cherry tomatoes
  • 2 cucumbers
  • 100 g Prosciutto ham
  • Green basil, couple of leaves
  • Tomato paste
Ingredients for Stuffed Olives Appetizer

Ingredients for Stuffed Olives Appetizer

Cooking Instructions

  1. Make hard boiled quail eggs; boil for 5-6 minutes. Then dip them into cold water and peel.
  2. If you have olives with stones, pit them or pick pitted olives in a store.
  3. Stuff olives with cheese and wrap in Prosciutto slices.
  4. Slice cucumbers into thin rings.
  5. Thread cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes and quail eggs onto small wooden skewers. Squeeze a drop of tomato paste on top.
  6. Arrange stuffed olives around and garnish with fresh basil, cucumber slices and ham. Optionally, sprinkle with the mixture of lemon juice and olive oil.
Stuffed Olives Appetizer

Stuffed Olives Appetizer