Fruit and Vegetables Protect Pregnant Women from Infections

The medical school of Boston University conducted a study about the influence of fruits and vegetables on the health of pregnant women. The research showed that consumption of at least seven portions of fruits and vegetables a day considerably reduces the risk of infections of upper air passages with pregnant women including pneumonia and asthma. It went for cold seasons as well.

Although it had been discovered earlier that good and various meals strengthen the immunity to a large extent, it had not been associated with diminishing the risk of pregnant women’s developing acute respiratory diseases. Which is of a great importance, because everybody knows that those infections are very dangerous for the mums and their unborn babies.

The researchers studied more than one thousand pregnant women and found out that those who ate from five to seven portions of fruits and vegetables a day fell ill more seldom almost by 30 % compared to those who ate less fruits and vegetables. They had more resistant immunity. Those women had no childbirth complications and bore healthier children.

So doctors recommend that pregnant women should eat much more fresh fruits and vegetables than usual due to the increase of body demands.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables