Right Diet for Pregnant Women

Diet for Pregnant WomenEvery expectant mother should learn everything about healthy and balanced diet because the health of her future baby essentially depends on her physical condition during the pregnancy.

So which vitamins and minerals are crucial to ensure you baby is born healthy and you feel good during pregnancy months? First, it is, of course, iron.

This mineral is vital for expectant mom and her baby. It’s not a secret that many pregnant women suffer from anemia. That’s why they should drink natural juices. Apple, carrot and peach juices are especially rich in iron.

Don’t forget about beef because it provides not only full proteins that you need but is also a source of iron and natural vitamin B12 that is essential for better iron uptake. Keep in mind that iron uptake is also improved by vitamin C found abundantly in lemons and other citrus fruits.

Make sure you eat foods rich in folic acid or vitamin B9. It is now a scientific fact that women with folic acid deficiencies are more likely to have babies with various conditions or even premature babies, sometimes born with serious development disorders.

Your unborn baby has an acute need for sufficient provision of this vitamin. That’s because folic acid plays major role in the development and growth of blood vessels and immune system.

The greatest sources of folic acid in combination with iron and other microelements are: liver and beef meat, beans, red beet, green onion, cottage cheese, cheese, carrot, and tomatoes.

Note: You doctor may consult you on taking vitamin and mineral supplements because sometimes it is hard to get enough vitamins naturally. Yet it is always better to focus on natural diet.
Useful Foods for Pregnant Women

Useful Foods for Pregnant Women