Diet for career success

Building a successful career and getting on in life require a good memory, acumen, as well as quick and congruous reactions to circumstances that arise. The food we eat can help us towards being capable of better achievements on our laborious way by improving brain functions. Therefore it’s a good idea to stock up on the following wholesome foods when you buy products.

So, Include in your menu as often as possible

    • Seafood and fish contain substances which are necessary for the brain cells when you are focusing on your work. Fish helps the brain generate chemical substances thus allowing us to better commit things to memory, feel more self-confident, calm, think more clearly.
    • Cereals, brown rice in particular, calm the nerves and alleviate headaches owing to the high content of magnesium and niacin.
    • Extra virgin olive oil contains oleocanthal, a substance helping to maintain retentive memory and cognitive abilities.
    • Green vegetables, cruciferous and Brussels sprout in particular enhance the ability to concentrate.
    • Garlic activates the brain cells. Daily intake of garlic slows down brain ageing and sharpens the memory.
    • Bulb onion helps satiate the brain cells with oxygen.
    • Beans and lentil in particular contain amino acids necessary for quickening biochemical activities in brain cells and thus influence the ability of fast thinking.
    • Seeds and nuts contain dopamine that stimulates mental reactions. Walnut is especially wholesome, it produces greater effect on intellectual abilities than other kinds of nuts.
    • Lemons, kiwis and berries are rich in vitamin C. You can enhance your brainpower if you increase the daily intake of this vitamin.
    • Chocolate – in cocoa contains tryptophan, which influences the control of perception and mood.
Diet for a successful career

Diet for a successful career