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Ingredients for Liqueur Limoncello

Making Liqueurs at Home: Limoncello

Limoncello is a Italian liqueur with a strong flavor and a rich…
Ingredients for Berry Jelly

The Recipe for Berry Jelly with Pistachios

Fruit and berry jellies make a light and pleasant dessert. Jellies…
Ingredients for John Collins

John Collins

This cocktail originated in the XIX century, supposedly from…
Ingredients for Sangria

Sangria Recipe

Sangria is a popular Spanish beverage made up from wine and fruits.…
Ingredients for Golden Cadillac Cocktail

Making the Golden Cadillac Cocktail

When you feel like putting down a nice drink but to go out for…
Ingredients for Martini with Mint and Lemon

The Alexander Cocktail with cream, chocolate and cognac

The Alexander cocktail is the name for a number of various alcoholic…
Ingredients for Russian Black Cocktail

Russian Black Cocktail

The cocktail known as Russian Black was invented in after-war…
Ingredients for Banana Daiquiri Cocktail

Let’s Enjoy the Banana Daiquiri Cocktail

The cocktail’s tender fruit taste sends a pleasant wave of…
Ingredients for Pisco Sour Cocktail

Mixing the Pisco Sour Cocktail

Pisco Sour is one of the most popular cocktails in Peru and Chili,…
Ingredients for Hot Sparks Mulled Wine

The Hot Sparks Mulled Wine

What can go down better in these cold days than a mug of mulled…
Ingredients for Fruits in Gin

The Fruits in Alcohol Recipe

Make yourself a delicious treat - fruits steeped in alcohol.…
Ingredients for Almond Milk Granita

The Almond Milk Granita Recipe

Granita is a cooling dessert including crushed ice and any kind…
Unassembled Coffee Percolator

Brew a Nice Cup of Coffee in Mocha Espresso

Italian families invariably begin their morning with a cup of…
Ingredients for Hot Chocolate

How to Make Hot Chocolate

If you are depressed or just out of sorts, pick yourself up with…
Ingredients for Martini with Mint and Lemon

The Martini with Mint and Lemon Cocktail Recipe

You can think up many different cocktails with martini and they…