Recipe for Homemade Raffaello Candies

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Do you want to make yummy and healthy Raffaello candies without the plenty of coloring agents and E-additives? Try our recipe and relish the candies with your kids. Coconut flakes filled with butter, honey and condensed milk and roasted almond nut inside is really luxurious pleasure. The advantage of homemade candies is that you precisely know the ingredients you use, so there would be no unhealthy hydrogenated fats that are usually put into manufactured candies and sweets.

Ingredients for Homemade Raffaello Candies

  • 200 g coconut flakes
  • 200 g Mascarpone cheese, or cream
  • 200 g butter
  • 1 jar condensed milk
  • 3 tablespoons natural honey
  • 100 g almond nuts
Ingredients for Homemade Raffaello Candies

Ingredients for Homemade Raffaello Candies

Cooking Instructions

  1. Put butter and condensed milk  in a bowl and a water bath and melt, stirring regularly.
  2. Then add coconut flakes and stir everything thoroughly for about 3-4 minutes.
  3. Then remove the bowl from the water bath and put in a cool place for an hour.
  4. Whisk Mascarpone or cream with three tablespoonfuls of honey and combine the mixture with cooled coconut mixture and whisk everything together.
  5. Roast almond nuts in an oven or in a frying pan.
  6. Insert an almond nut into a small portion of coconut mixture and form balls. Then roll the balls in dry coconut flakes.
  7. Arrange nicely on a serving plate and place in a cool place.
  8. Wait 3-4 hours and serve.
Homemade Raffaello Candies

Homemade Raffaello Candies


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12 Comments For This Post

  1. Mind Says:

    Hello, really interested in this recipe, however can someone tell me how much is 1 jar of condensed milk exactly? 250ml, 200ml? Or in grams..

  2. Elena and Alfredo Says:

    Hello Mind! 1 jar condensed milk – 200ml

  3. Jack Says:

    I am confused…Step 1 says to use a steamer basket and step three says to “remove basket…” But the melted butter & milk from step one will go through the basket and the coconut flakes from step 2 would not. I have Googled to see if I was mistaken as to what a steamer basket was (or if there was some other item called a steamer basket I was unaware of) – could find anything that looked like it would work. By chance did you mean a double boiler?

    Raffaello is one of my favorite candies and would love to try this… I just can’t see how it would work. Please explain.


  4. Jack Says:

    typo… should have said “– could not find anything that looked like it would work.”

  5. Jack Says:

    Sorry should have said “– could NOT find anything that looked like it would work.”

  6. Elena and Alfredo Says:

    Jack, sorry for the mistake in the recipe text and thank you for your comment! What we meant here is a water bath, or a bain-marie (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bain-marie).

  7. Salome Says:

    Hello, Thanks for recipe.

    But I live in Georgia and there isn’t Mascarpone cheese

    what can I do?

  8. Elena and Alfredo Says:

    No problem – if you dont have Mascarpone, it can be replaced with whipped double cream, because, mascarpone cheese made ​​from cream.

  9. nikki Says:

    how many does this recipe serve?

  10. SpanishFleeMamii Says:


  11. holly Says:

    i must have done it wrong because my one is way to liquidy, did we have to whip the cream or whisk it????

  12. Suzanne Says:


    How long will these last for (thats if they make it that long)?

    Thank you

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