Latte Art from Barista Dritan Alsela

Latte Art from Barista Dritan Alsela

Observing a barista’s work at a coffee house is no less interesting…
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Fabulously Delicious Food

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Pizza Margherita

Ten Things for Which We Love Italy

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Barese breakfast, Italy

Barese breakfast, Italy

The fresh smell of the salty sea. This is the Adriatic! We are…
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A Carnival in our Town

Traditional annual carnivals are held throughout Italy in February-March. Carnival…
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The Place Where We Live

Let’s walk around our town, house and the neighbourhood. We…
Mimosa is blooming

A Tour Around our Shop 2

The spring warmth has come, mimosa is blooming with its bright…

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Christmas tree

Excursion to our store

On the eve of the holidays in shopping malls, as always, pre-holiday…