Why You Have To Try These Paphos Dishes


Cypriot cuisine is renowned for classic, homely recipes and the very freshest seafood. On the southwest coast of Cyprus, you’ll find Paphos, a city with a flourishing tourist trade and a growing number of culinary hotspots. This area of Cyprus is extremely popular with families and package holidays to the destination are plentiful. So if you like good food on holiday, look no further! In Paphos, there’s no shortage of delicious speciality dishes made using local – and often wild – ingredients. Although it’s difficult to narrow down the list of great choices, here are five classic dishes that you really shouldn’t miss:

Pastourmás Meze

‘Meze’ is a popular style of eating in Cypriot restaurants – it is literally a collection of small dishes which offer different types of food and sometimes up to 20 platters in one sitting! In Paphos, Pastourmás meze (a Cypriot sausage) is a popular choice on menus. Rich, tasty and very filling, this dish will keep you going for hours!


Afelia is a speciality recipe made using pork, red wine, mushrooms, potatoes and coriander seeds. It’s an explosion of fresh flavours that you will definitely want to replicate at home. You can find this dish on the menu of most restaurants in the area.


Stifado is very popular throughout Cyprus and is often made with beef. However, it is fish stifado that is particulary revered in Paphos eateries. Expect excellent sea bass, marinated in a stew of onions, tomatoes and some of the freshest herbs you’ve ever tasted. Can’t wait? Why not try making this popular dish at home.


Famous throughout Cyprus, Koupepia – stuffed grape/vine leaves – are delicious as a starter or as part of a meze selection. Made with meat or vegetables, Koupepia also includes rice, onions, spices andin some restaurants even a twist of fresh pumpkin.


Essentially meatballs shaped into a sausage, Soutzoukakia is a treat for your tastebuds. Cooked with minced beef, this dish also includes fresh tomato sauce, garlic, cumin, cinnamon sauce and parsley. All ingredients are marinated and left to soak for 2 hours before cooking. Once all the flavours have infused, the meatballs are drizzled in olive oil and fried on a high heat until brown all over. Seriously delicious and not too filling!

Cyprus is a fantastic place to take a family holiday – when you’re there make sure to enjoy the fabulous cuisine on offer!