Pangasius is unhealthy fish

Pangasius is unhealthy fish

Pangasius is cheap and does not require special care. This fish is commercially bred in Vietnam, in the Mekong River. Pangasius contains a lot of bacteria and high levels of toxic chemicals.

The reason is that the Mekong River is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. Chemical and industrial waste from the nearby businesses is dumped in the river. Regardless of the recommendations concerning the sale of this fish, supermarkets still sell it to the public, knowing that the fish is contaminated.

Pangasius is also bred in Peru, where it is given the remains of decomposed dead fish, bones which are dried and ground into flour, hormones, GMO soybeans, and spoiled grain. This kind of nutrition is similar to what this fish eats in the wild. Due to hormones, the fish grows 4 times faster than in its natural habitat.

Therefore it is not recommended to use it in meals.

We share our personal experiences

  • Once we bought the fish, without knowing anything about its harmfulness. We will never do this again.
  • This was unimaginable trash with a terrible smell and the taste of some chemicals. The fishes all fell apart in the pan and turned into a shapeless mess.
  • Then we watched a TV program about the fish being kept in special channels and fed with feces and decomposed waste from the sewers. It looks like some sort of non-waste production.
  • Moreover, it is even allowed for the production of crab sticks, surimi, convenience foods, frozen fish sticks, fish balls.
  • Be careful when you buy this dubious products.
Pangasius is unhealthy fish

Pangasius is unhealthy fish

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