Children's health depends on nutrition

Why Parents Buy Unhealthy Food for Their Children

Scientists continue their exploration of factors conducive to childhood obesity epidemic. Popular cartoon characters, artfully employed in children food ads, coerce children into a subconscious inclination to choose surrogate and unhealthy foods.

Wrappings, cartoon characters and commercial videos are three main factors causing kids to whine for these kinds of food.

Instantly recognized symbols and logos that are employed by the mass media are linked with children’s manipulatory whimpering known as the “nag factor”.

There are several ways to handle whining children

  • Pay no attention
  • Distract them
  • Remain calm and logical
  • Avoid commercials
  • Negotiate with children and set rules
  • Allow alternative attitudes, explaining and reasoning for the right choice

US scientists conducted a study on the problem. Holly Henry, lead researcher from the Bloomberg School’s Department of Health, Behavior and Society, said that the results of the study showed that the habit of manipulatory whining grows stronger as children grow older. Discussing the most frequent strategies of fighting down children’s whining, 36% of mothers suggested that commercials be limited, while 35% of mothers suggested explaining to kids the reasons for buying or not buying certain items striving to keep down children’s relentless requests for purchasing advertised goods.

Children's health depends on nutrition

Children's health depends on nutrition