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The Latest Food Packaging Trends

Packaging can go through trends like fashion, driven by changes in customer preferences. It is also affected by changing government regulations. Here are a few of the latest trends in the packaging of food and drink.

Homemade Fish Caviar Recipes

Are you a fan of fish caviar? If so, you have probably thought about utilizing it in a homemade recipe. This type of sturgeon is extremely popular among the rich and famous. Its rich fishy flavors make it the ideal ingredient for pasta, dips and casseroles. It can also be utilized as a garnish. Combining […]

Cooking with Edible Gold Leaf Made Easy!

There are times when I want my food to be extra festive – during the holidays – when everything else in the world is sparkly and glistening, or when the Cannes Film Festival (the epitome of glam and glitz) is coming up, these are the times when I think: Why shouldn’t I make food matching […]

Food Prep Safety When Using Cutting/Chopping Boards

Checking out new, delicious recipes your family will love is fun. Less fun is discussing safety precautions while cooking. But when you’re going to be cooking — especially for other people — you want to ensure that you’re following the best safety standards to keep everyone healthy. In this guide, we’ll go over food prep […]

3 Benefits of Investing in an All In One Cooking Appliance

Being a mum is a never-ending job. After a stressful day, it’s likely that the last thing you want to do is cook for the family. Thankfully there is another option that isn’t as labour intensive as making an entire meal. It enables you to feed your family something healthy on days you don’t want […]

Five Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Goodies

Where it used to be that choosing environmentally-friendly products was a niche activity, today’s consumer feels very differently. Statistics show that roughly one-third of all consumers are not only seeking to make more environmentally-friendly purchases, but they prefer sustainable brands. This interested in environmentally-friendly products has prompted companies to look at the way they develop, […]

How the evolution of blade design has shaped the knife world of today

Knives are a strange breed. Most people don’t really feel one way or another about them, but there is also the fact that some people love them while there are others who go out of their way to stay as far away from them as possible. Sure, the people in the latter group are not […]

Kosher Dietary Rules to Remember

Kosher meals are under Jewish law. People who follow this faith can only eat foods prepared following the guidelines. Kosher means suitable or pure. Jewish people consider these foods as fit for consumption. These rules might seem harsh and challenging to follow, but they do not in any way adversely affect the quality of the […]

5 Fabulous Dishes to Make This Spring

Spring is not that far away anymore and although it is still freezing cold in some parts of the country, things will begin to warm up in a few weeks’ time, as spring slowly begins to make its way into the Northern Hemisphere. As a cooking enthusiast, we should all be ready to welcome the […]

The Paleo Diet: Is Going Back to Our Roots Really That Great

Picture a muscular and agile caveman, pre-farming days, hunting and gathering for food to eat. He eats food that is considered healthy these days, but the thing is, he didn’t have much choice. It was all that was available in his time.

Rainbow Surprise Cake Recipe

The thing that is generally expected to be one of the peaks of a party – and cause an outburst of cheers and hoorays from both young boys and girls and mellower boys and girls – is the cutting up of the cake. This is the moment that draws the attention of everyone present, including […]

Chicken with Matcha? Why Not?

It is safe to say that chicken is among the handful of food items that can be found in almost every culture’s cuisine. This should come as no surprise because this meat has a universal appeal to it. It’s healthier than many other kinds of meats, so health-conscious individuals tend to gravitate toward it. It […]

Deck Ovens: A More Sustainable Bread Baking Option

Bread baking is certainly not new in the modern day. People have been baking bread for thousands of years, and through these years, different types of bread have been developed and also perfected so that we can today enjoy them in many ways.

Orange Brioches. Delicious Sweet Buns

Delicious sweet buns. Ingredients and cooking flour 550 gr. butter 80 gr. 2 yolks 1 egg, 120 gr. Milk 5- 6 tbsp. sugar (adjust the sweetness to taste) 25 gr. fresh yeast 100 gr. orange juice and zest of 1 large orange. Leave the dough to ferment for 2-3 hours. Formed buns leave for 30-40 […]