White Tea Helps Fight Obesity

The development of modern science gives us a better understanding of the qualities of different foods and how we can use them for our benefit. A team of researchers led by Marc Winnefeld from Beiersdorf, Germany, published a study in the BioMed Central’s Journal Nutrition and Metabolism devoted to the influence of white tea on the fat cells.

The research included a series of experiments conducted on volunteers that showed that the extract of this herbal tea is highly efficacious in inhibiting generation of new fat cells and stimulates the mobilization of fat from mature fat cells. All the participants in the experiment lost a significant amount of overweight.

Marc Winnefeld said that industrially developed countries show an increasing number of obese individuals that leads to an increase of diseases linked with obesity including cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. It poses a grave problem. The researchers concluded that white tea can be a perfect source of natural substances for dropping weight.

White tea is made from buds and first leaves of a plant. It was processed to a lesser extent than other teas. Compared to green tea it contains three times the amount of antioxidants that are considered active in human cells, such as methylxanthines and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). The scientists believe that they are responsible for the anti-lipogenetic effect that the study reported. White tea is regarded as an expensive, elite tea, but it will be much more healthy to drink this natural beverage instead of going for chemical concoctions that destroy metabolism, as the scientists point out.

White Tea

White Tea