Unique Places to Eat

Many diners today enjoy discovering new culinary experiences rather than frequenting the same restaurants. Not only can these restaurants serve varied cuisine but also offer a unique environment in which to dine.


Dinner in the Sky, Belgium

For diners looking for an uplifting experience, then Dinner in the Sky is a viable option. Located in the capital city of Brussels, diners are strapped into their chairs and lifted to a height of 150 feet. Here diners enjoy their dinner while soaking up breathtaking views of the city’s skyline.

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

This Pilipino restaurant provides an amazing view of a waterfall while you dine. The restaurant is a buffet style affair where you fill your plate and then be seated. Granted the waterfall is not a natural one but rather a man made one, it still provides for a relaxing and unique culinary experience.

Singapore Flyer, Singapore

The world’s second largest observation wheel is also one of the most unique dining locations. Dining within a private capsule, guests enjoy four course meals along with the infamous drink, the Singapore Sling. This restaurant is not for those afraid of heights as it rotates 540 feet above the city.

Sensei at the Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas

Most restaurants today focus on one particular kind of cuisine. However, Sensi is unique in that it offers four different ones including Italian, American Grill, Asian and seafood. With four kitchens, the restaurant is also ecologically responsible using naturally grown ingredients. Whilst waiting for your food to arrive, it is possible to enjoy some mobile casino games on your phone from sites like Mobile Casino Canada.

Four Seasons Resort, Whistler, British Columbia

For those enjoying the slopes at Whistler, a new type of dining experience can also be had. Guests are transported via helicopter to a glacier. Here they enjoy an open air buffet with a range of entrees and cocktails.
Rather than simply choosing a restaurant based on the meal, consider locating ones that offer a bit more.