Ingredients for Russian Black Cocktail

Russian Black Cocktail

The cocktail known as Russian Black was invented in after-war…
Ingredients for Banana Daiquiri Cocktail

Let’s Enjoy the Banana Daiquiri Cocktail

The cocktail’s tender fruit taste sends a pleasant wave of…
Ingredients for Pisco Sour Cocktail

Mixing the Pisco Sour Cocktail

Pisco Sour is one of the most popular cocktails in Peru and Chili,…
Pisco Sour Cocktail Festival

Pisco Sour Cocktail Festival in Peru

At the beginning of February the people of Peru celebrate a nationwide…
Ingredients for Martini with Mint and Lemon

The Martini with Mint and Lemon Cocktail Recipe

You can think up many different cocktails with martini and they…
Ingredients for Cocktail with Kiwi and Yoghurt

Smoothie with kiwi and coconut milk

The low-calorie vitamin cocktail with kiwi and coconut milk is…

The Martini Cocktail with Litchi Fruit Recipe

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Grapes Preserved in Alcohol

Fruits preserved in alcohol make a great addition to desserts…

The Recipe for a Cocktail with Apricot and Lemon Juice

The nonalcoholic vitamin cocktail with apricot and lemon juice…

The Recipe for a Milk Cocktail with Mint and Tamarind Syrup

Tamarind is a sweet tropical fruit which is also known as the…

A Cocktail with Martini and Peach Juice

Martini is regarded as an elite alcoholic beverage. It mixes…

Milk and Blueberry Cocktail Recipe

You can make a very healthy cocktail to maintain good eyesight…

Pineapple Martini Drink Recipe

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How to Make Mojito Cocktail

Last century’s invention of hot Havana, Cuba, Mojito Cocktail…

Pink Dream Gin Cocktail Recipe

Holland-born, with tender velvet flavor and rich aroma gin is…