Sauerkraut Prevents Lacteal Gland Cancer

The very simple and natural foods keep revealing their anticancer qualities. Hi-tech developments are of great assistance in that. All the amazing scientific discoveries of late offer people very uncomplicated ways to protect them from developing illnesses. The latest research relates to sour cabbage, or sauerkraut.

Dorothy Pattack of the University of New Mexico in collaboration with her colleagues from Michigan University and the National Institute of Food and Nutrition, Warsaw, upon conducting a number of tests, concluded that the intake of sour cabbage three or four times a week at the least is conducive to prevention and treatment of lacteal gland cancer to a great extent. The research started from the fact that Dr. Pattack decided to look into the fact that the risk of Polish women developing breast cancer increased threefold after they emigrated to the United States. She worked on the supposition that diet changes were among the factors that stipulated such a rapid risk increase.

In Poland women customarily eat not less than 20 kg of sauerkraut a year, whereas American women eat only 5 kg. Besides, Polish women eat more fresh and sour cabbage as it is – as a salad ingredient or a side dish. She noticed that women who eat large amounts of fresh or slightly cooked cabbage that wasn’t subjected to a long thermal treatment have a low percentage of breast cancer. It was this that proved to be the most efficacious preventive factor for women.

Cabbage contains glycosides and the enzyme called myrosin that, when the cabbage gets cut up, issue a number of biologically active products possessing anticancer qualities. The observed decrease of cancer development risk shows that the cabbage glycoside cleavage products inhibit the processes triggering the unchecked growth of cells and prevent the destruction of cells both at the initial stage of cancer growth through diminishing the amount of the DNA damage and cell mutations and at the stage of cancer spread. That’s why the presence of sour cabbage in the weekly diet can protect women from developing lacteal gland cancer at any age.