Much Salt Is Bad for Health

Dieticians and doctors are concerned that nowadays people’s diets contain too much salt. It leads to retention of water in the body, hypertension, diseases of heart and blood vessels and, eventually, to heart attacks and strokes.

The British Consumer Right Protection Society conducted a poll and found that many people don’t know what foods they eat too much salt with. In fact we get much salt from bread and bakery, meat being on the second place. Sausages, wursts, ham, breakfast flakes, ketchups, sauces – all those foods are oversalted but many people are not aware of it.

The British Standards Food informed via the mass media what producers have too much salt in their foods. The companies that were in the list of those who were not moderate with salt have already stated that they developed new recipes with lower salt quantity.

Experts urge to choose foods with low salt content in shops and try to buy less readymade and prepared foods. If you care for your health it’s better to eat homemade meals which you salt yourselves in your own measure.