A Little about Saffron and Its Usefulness

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. It is derived from the stigmas of the flowers of crocus sativus, or saffron crocus. The flower has only three red stigmas. You can imagine how many flowers will have to be gone over by hand to collect a kilogram of saffron. Since this wonderful spice is so hard to get, it is priced above gold. If you come across saffron sold at a lower price you can be quite sure that it is a fake. Saffron has an enticing strong aroma and can add zest to any dish or pastry and give them a bright blue color.

The latest studies discovered that saffron is very useful for eyes. Scientists from Australia and Italia cooperated on conducting a research that showed that saffron strengthens the retina and slows down the ageing of eyes, especially in what relates to the atrophy of eye muscles and loss of sharpness of visibility in aged individuals. The darker the saffron is the more biologically active substances, antioxidants, it contains.

  • It possesses antiseptic qualities.
  • It is an aphrodisiac, enhances sexual potency.
  • It cures anemia, improves blood composition.
  • It alleviates cardiovascular diseases.
  • It improves metabolism, rejuvenates skin cells.
  • It soothes a deranged nervous system.
Note: Saffron ought to be used with care. It is useful only in tiny doses. If used in great quantities it can not only spoil your dish, but do harm to the body. Remember that everything can be both a cure and a poison. It all depends on dosage.


Saffron Crocus

Saffron Crocus