The Recipe for Italian Dessert “Panna Cotta”

“Panna Cotta” (boiled cream) is a well-known Italian dessert. It originated in Piedmont. They usually cook it from cow cream with the addition of agar-agar or gelatin. You can add fruits, chocolate, nuts – everything you wish to make the taste richer. “Panna Cotta” is the favorite dessert of the popular actress Angelina Jolie. She likes to make it from goat milk with soft goat cheese and fresh berries.

Ingredients for Italian Dessert “Panna Cotta”

  • 1 pt cream
  • 0.3 lb sugar
  • pinch of vanilla
  • 8-10 g gelatin
  • sweet cherry in syrup for garnishing
Ingredients for Italian Dessert "Panna Cotta"

Ingredients for Italian Dessert "Panna Cotta"

Cooking Instructions

  1. Dip gelatin into cold water.
  2. Pour cream into a pan with a thick bottom and put it on heat.
  3. Add sugar and vanilla. Boil cream stirring it constantly and take the pan off.
  4. Squeeze water from gelatin and put it into the hot cream. Mix intensively until gelatin is fully absorbed.
  5. Pour the warm mixture into forms and when it has cooled down put it into the fridge.
  6. In 3-4 hours when the cream has set well, put the forms for a few seconds in hot water and turn them over. The jelly slides off easily. Garnish it with berries, dress with syrup and enjoy.
Italian Dessert "Panna Cotta"

Italian Dessert "Panna Cotta"