Must-Have Foods in Your Pantry if You Want Delicious Snacks

Whether you are having an intense midnight snack craving or are expecting guests, it comes in handy to have enough cooking ingredients in your house. This way, you can easily whip up something delectable as quickly as possible. Wonder what food items you should always have in your kitchen if you want yummy and filling snacks?

Canned sauces

You never know when you will crave a savoury dish like meatballs and pasta. That’s why you need to have a few cans of mushroom, tomato and other kinds of sauces in your kitchen. Toss in some dried herbs like oregano and basil to add dimension to ordinary tasting sauces.

Oils, dressings and seasonings

If you’re not a fan of cream or tomato-based Italian dishes, then you may opt to prepare oil-based treats. These are incredibly light but provide a ton of health benefits. Besides having oils like olive oil and sesame oil, you also need to invest in a few bottles of dressing and seasonings. These will allow you to prepare salads, dipping sauces and other mouthwatering treats.


There are lots of things you can do to enjoy pickles. That’s why is highly recommended to buy from a wholesale pickles supplier like, if you want to enjoy huge savings plus order in bulk. You can use pickles when making a burger, Cuban sandwich, salad dressings, grilled cheese sandwich and even potato salad.

Fresh spices

If you love stir-fry food or anything sautéed then you need to have fresh spices like ginger, garlic and onions in your pantry. With this trio, you can prepare Asian dishes like ginger and garlic chicken, stir-fried beef, turmeric chicken, and chicken and broccoli. You can also buy fresh scallions and leeks to make a hearty broth.

Grains and flour

Do you love baked goodies like cookies, tarts, cakes and brandy snaps? If you have a thing for baked treats you need to have the essential baking ingredients such as grains and flour. To know which type of flour is best suited for your needs, we recommend checking the recipe. It should tell you whether you need cake, pastry, bread, oat or all-purpose flour. If the recipe calls for grains, don’t forget to check the type of grain you need.

Fresh eggs

There are so many things you can do with a few eggs. For starters, you can fry them sunny side up. You can also make frittatas or French omelettes. If you are feeling a bit crafty, you can make deviled eggs, Shakshuka, quiche or baked egg custard. Make sure to consume eggs as soon as possible so they remain fresh and tasty.

Calling for a food delivery service is perhaps the easiest thing to do to satisfy your craving or feed guests. However, if you want to ensure the freshness of the food then it pays to prepare it on your own. There is a long list of easy to make dishes that will both fill your stomach and impress your visitors. With the basic ingredients above, you can surely whip up something amazing.