Mediterranean Diet Prevents Mental Retardation

Dieticians and doctors have been strongly encouraging to follow the so-called Mediterranean diet for sustaining health for a very long time. And now, at the International Conference on Alzheimer Disease (ICAD) which ended on July 16th in England, the results of 11-year large-scale studies and observations were delivered. The analysis of the study data shows that following the Mediterranean meal system reduces the risk of developing mental retardation to a considerable extent.

Professor Clive Ballard, director of the Alzheimer Disease Research Society said that abundance of green leafy vegetables, fish, olive oil and a glass of red wine are the best kinds of food for those who wish to retain a good memory and a clear mind at a very advanced age.

It was claimed at the conference that this diet supports the cognitive ability of the brain and reduces the risk of development of Alzheimer disease by 40 %.

Mediterranean Diet Foods

Mediterranean Diet Foods

On the materials from Medical News Today.