The Best Diet, the Worst Diet

Dietary ProductsResearchers have found the best and the worst diet for our health.

With this goal in mind doctors and researchers from the Center of Cardiology in Britain did a large-scale study throughout the world.

An enormous work was accomplished in which the eating patterns of more that fifty thousand people in sixty two countries of the world had been studied.

The findings have confirmed once again that the so called Mediterranean diet dominated by vegetables, including leaf salads, fruit, seafood, spicy herbs and olive oil is the indisputable leader. The oriental diet that includes rice and many kinds of seafood including various seaweeds hit the second place.

The so called western diet that is rich in meat, white bread, animal fats and eggs has turned to be the unhealthiest and stodgiest. All these foods if they dominate the daily diet cause serious harm to all body systems and are detrimental to metabolism.

However they should not be totally rejected. The point is you just should make sure your diet is balanced.

Note: Scientists recommend that even if you adhere to the western diet, still try to enrich it with fruits, vegetables, fresh juices and seafood.