Making Bananas in Chocolate

This marvelous dessert is easy to make and gets gobbled up in no time at all. Black chocolate and roast sesame outside and soft and melting banana pulp inside promise an unforgettable pleasure.

Ingredients for Bananas in Chocolate

    • 2.2 lb bananas
    • 0.4 lb black chocolate
    • 0.2 pt 35% cream
    • sesame
    • sticks
Ingredients for Bananas in Chocolate

Ingredients for Bananas in Chocolate

Recipe for Bananas in Chocolate

    1. Peel bananas and cut them across into three pieces.
    2. Melt chocolate and cream by double boiling.
    3. Spike the banana pieces on sticks and dip them one by one into warm chocolate.
    4. Roll them over in roast sesame.
    5. Put them on a wide dish on a parchment sheet.
    6. Place them into the refrigerator for an hour, then enjoy the dessert. Also, you can freeze it and have a natural banana ice cream.
Bananas in Chocolate

Bananas in Chocolate