Low Carbohydrate Meals Result in Developing Atherosclerosis

Low carbohydrate meals systems have recently became very popular among those who want to drop weight quickly. Some of these are the Atkins diet and the so-called Kremlin diet. This kind of a diet involves consumption of plenty of proteins and fats (meat, eggs, cheese and fish). Any kinds of bread, confectioneries, pasta, gruels and sweets are excluded. Such diets do make you lose extra weight at a fast pace. But only now we can finally estimate the overall effect of these diets on health.

Having received a number of reports about people who wanted to lose weight following this diet and suffered from blood strokes and heart attacks, scientists from Harvard University conducted series of experiments on mice. They found that the mice that got proteinaceous food and few carbohydrates had 15 % more atherosclerotic deposits in their blood vessels than those who got normal well balanced meals.

Scientists warn that low carbohydrate diets are tantamount to dangerous experiments on yourselves. They urge to get nourishing food, and the best way to maintain good health and a slim figure is to eat nourishing food in smaller quantities and lead a mobile lifestyle.

The lead researcher who had also been keeping to this kind of diet before the research gave up on it straightaway.

Pasta - a Great Source of Carbohydrates

Pasta - a Great Source of Carbohydrates