Lamb kebabs Arrostichini

Lamb Shish Kebab

In the Italy, Abruzzo region, there is a traditional and very popular dish – arrosticini. These are small chunks of lamb meat grilled on wooden skewers. The cubical chunks are about the size of 1 cm x 1 cm. They are made in a special machine in the form of a cube. You simply place meat chunks inside the cube, put the skewers into the slots, and then cut the meat vertically with a knife.

arrosticini maker

Arrosticini maker

Sliced ​​meat on skewers for arrosticini

Sliced ​​meat on skewers for arrosticini

The meat is roasted on a narrow charcoal grill, made specifically for small skewers. Meat is not marinated, because it is soft, juicy and has no unpleasant smell. Here sheep are bred on mountain pastures, and their meat is so tasty that it only needs salt and pepper when ready .

Eat the kebabs when they are still hot. Washed down with wine Montepulciano d’Abruzzo usually.

Lamb Shish Kebab Arrosticini

Lamb Shish Kebabs Arrosticini

However, if you do not have a special arrosticini maker or soft lamb meat, and you still crave for homemade kebabs, you can soak meat in red dry wine and add your favorite spices. Cut meat by hand, then skewer and grill it in an oven.

Italians generally do not like to marinate meat, neither do they use many spices – not to interrupt the pure taste of the main product. It is believed that the value of the dish is not in the complexity of preparation. The main thing is the product’s good quality. Minimal processing – and the masterpiece is ready. This is the basic principle.