How to Get Good Nourishment with a Vegetarian Diet3

This continues the article dealing with the right nutrients for vegetarians. So, you have to see that you get enough protein, zinc, vitamins B12 and D in your nutrient budget.

  • Protein helps keep the skin, the bones, the muscles and the internal organs healthy. Eggs and dairy products are good sources of protein. One can also get protein from green foods – soy substitutes for meat, chickpeas, beans, lentil, nuts, seeds, whole grains.
  • Vitamin B12 is essential for producing red blood cells and for anemia prevention. This vitamin is contained almost exclusively in animal products, so it’s rather difficult to get for a vegetarian. The deficit of vitamin B12 can remain undetected for a long time, because vegetarian diet is rich in folic acid. It covers up for the deficit of vitamin B12 while there are no serious problems. Therefore consider using vitamin additives, vitaminized grain and soy foods.
  • Vitamin D is important for the health of the bones. Vitamin D is added into milk, some brands of soy milk and rice, cereals and margarine. But if you don’t eat enough enriched products and don’t spend much time out in the sun, you’ll need additives with vitamin D.
  • Zinc is a component in many ferments, it plays a part in cell division and production of proteins. Like iron, zinc is absorbed from plant sources with difficulty. If you eat dairy products, cheese is your best bet. The plant sources of zinc are whole grains, soy products, beans, nuts and wheat plumules.
  • How to Get Good Nourishment with a Vegetarian Diet

    How to Get Good Nourishment with a Vegetarian Diet