Eating Through Springfield – Missouri’s Culinary Capital


Image via Flickr by Jo Naylor


When many people think of getting a bite to eat in Southwest Missouri, there’s only one thought that comes to mind: southern-style barbecue. And while you’ll find plenty of slow-cooked meats in Springfield, there are so many more incredible flavors to discover!
Though you may not find The Simpsons here, you’ll find a number of great places to eat throughout Springfield. No matter what your budget looks like, great foods await your taste buds when you plan your trip to “The 417.” Save your cash instead for some of these great treats! Here are some picks for both low- and high-budget travelers.

Eating Great in Springfield on a Low Budget

Travelers who find themselves in Springfield won’t have to worry about their stay being the cheapest part of their vacation. It’s easy to find great eats at every mealtime. Regardless of the time of day, you can get all three meals for a great price.
Guests who get a great deal at the Arbor Suites Medical Mile at Hipmunk can start their morning off right with breakfast. Gailey’s Breakfast Café is a local favorite, offering all-American breakfast items like omelets, hash browns, and coffee, with a smile and a great price.
Don’t think your dining options are limited to brick-and-mortar establishments when you find great hotel deals on Hipmunk. Springfield is one of the top growing cities in the food truck revolution. At the SGF Mobile Food Park, you’re sure to find a number of trucks that offer cuisine you’ll like. One of the highest rated trucks is The Wheelhouse, which mixes Mexican favorites with a kick of Thai flair. Here, you’ll find tacos being served alongside peanut noodles, with a number of combinations in-between.

Enjoy the Culinary High Life in Springfield

For those travelers on a champagne budget (or per diem for those business travelers who get a great price at the La Quinta Inn Springfield South), there are many restaurants that offer incredible dining experiences.
At Level 2 Steakehouse, you’ll enjoy pan seared Ahi tuna, served on top of a Himalayan pink salt slab. If the presentation isn’t enough, the accents will send you over the edge with an amazing array of flavors.
If you like your food with a nice wine pairing, Flame Steakehouse and Wine Bar is the place you’ll need to visit before you leave Springfield. This locally owned establishment offers a deep wine list and more than 25 wines by the glass to complement the highly recommended dry-aged steaks and seafood.
Life’s too short to eat lousy food, and travelers visiting Springfield, Missouri will never have that problem. Where do you enjoy eating in Springfield? I’d love to get your favorite picks in this great food town. Let me know your must-stop destination in the comments below!

Joe Cortez is an award-winning travel and lifestyle writer who spends his time chasing the travel bug across North America and Europe. Based in Ohio, Joe writes for a number of respected publications and websites, including Hipmunk.