The Beginning of a Book

So, you’re running a cooking blog and have collected a number of awesome recipes you’re sure even more people would love. But some of your audience prefer paper cookbooks? That’s exactly the time when you decide to write a book and share your knowledge with them too. Or in case blogging on cooking and home tips was just the first step toward writing your first novel – just go for it! You’ve trained enough online. Now you’re ready to start!

Modern society provides a great variety of opportunities. You may choose any profession that you want, even become a professional writer because all borders are opened. Thus, if you have an idea to compose a book, look through the collection of recommendations at Moreover, these tips and recommendations from Wiki will help you to commence the working process easily.

Steps to Initiate Writing a Book

So, what to do to embody your idea in a form of a book? Part of the tips will not refer to a cookbook, so just skip a few of them. But in case you’ve decided to try writing a science fiction book, these will be very useful. The recommendations are as follows:

  • Define the size. You should know how many pages you want to compose. Certainly, all these estimations are approximate, but they are necessary.
  • Put down the idea. As a future writer, you have already had different ideas for your creation. Try to unite everything in one simple and short formula.
  • Imagine the world. There is no need to describe your characters in the framework of the real world because you always have the opportunity to imagine your own fantasy world and populate it with different creatures.
  • Figure out the characters. Try to describe the characters of your story in as much detail as possible: sex, age, name, appearance in general. Put everything down, it will help you not to mess them up. Decide who will be main characters, and who will take the place of supporting figures.
  • Think out the plot. This part will take the majority of your time because the plot can be changed according to your desire. Sometimes the plot itself dictates the images of characters, sometimes – vice versa. Remember it and don’t be shy to put some corrections in your plan if you want.
  • Make the first draft. The first draft should contain more detailed information about the figures of your composition.
    Note down the map of relationship. If you have many figures in your plan, it is better to make a special scheme with the help of which you may see and remember the relationships between all of them.
  • Divide the plan into chapters. If the size of your future creation is big, it is better to divide the book into a number of chapters because it will be easier for you to write and for readers – to read.
  • Create the plan of each chapter. Try to make a brief plan of each chapter in a form of a card. Copy down events that must happen with your figures according to your artistic conception. The consequence of these events will be told by you as well.
  • Think about the finale. It is important to have a clear understanding of the finale of text. Try to decide at the very beginning what the ending will be. Do you want to compose a tale with a happy ending? Or, it will be a drama making people cry? These questions must be answered at the beginning. Then, you must just intrigue the readers, if you want.

If you have already decided to become a writer, there is no necessity to put this business on the most back of back burners. You may just start right now!