Blueberry Is Good for Brain and Eyes

Blueberry is a shrub bearing dark blue berries. It belongs to the heath family and occurs across northern regions. Blueberry is mostly known for its ability to protect retina and sharpen eyesight. It is also important that blueberry effectively helps to lower blood sugar levels.

Blueberry owns its health benefits to bioflavonoids in it. Anthocyans, a group of flavonoids found in blueberry as pigments, are quickly absorbed by our brain cells, resulting in direct improving effect on vision, memory and reasoning. Blueberry is the best remedy for mental agility and sharp eyes.

Besides, blueberry is as effective as cranberry for cleansing kidneys from harmful bacteria and is good natural antiseptic. Blueberry is also known for its anti-cancer properties due to strong antioxidants which may help stop tumor growth.

Blueberry is among top ten foods that can extend our life span and rejuvenate our cells.

Nutrients in Blueberry

  • Organic acids: amber, citric, lactic, apple and quinic acids.
  • Tannin substances, potassium, Natrium, phosphorus, iron and manganese.
  • The B vitamins, vitamin C, beta-carotene.
  • Polyphenols, anthocyans, glycoside miertillin.
Note: If you want your kids to perform good at school and enjoy robust eyesight, give them blueberry with milk and honey. Eating just 1-3 tablespoons of dried or fresh berries every day will keep you healthy and savvy.