Banana Diet

BananasNow this is a bombshell! Bananas promote weight loss. Morning banana diet is now triumphant around the globe. It became immensely popular in Japan and America and now the frenzy has entered Europe. There appeared few books and many articles on the topic. Not to mention numerous on-line forums where visitors share their success stories of how they fought excessive weight. Banana industry is now facing an unprecedented sales boom.

The diet is simple. You just have to eat 2-3 bananas for breakfast (it is important that bananas are not fully ripe, those with green tips) and drink a glass of water of room temperature. And that’s it. During the day, you can have your regular diet, without eating too mush, of course. Thousands of people lost weight due to this diet.

The secret behind his miracle diet is resistant starch in green bananas. Unlike other starches, resistant starch escapes digestion in the small intestine. So they travel further to large intestine almost unchanged and act like diatary fiber sponging and removing all excessive elements. There is another unique property this kind of starch has. It is a slow carbohydrate and stays longer in the body supporting energy supply and tonus. Losing weight results from replacing fast carbohydrates by resistant starch so fats are burned down 30% faster.

Another thing experts found is that resistant starch helps to improve calcium uptake, which is important for those watching their weight, too. The thing is that if there is not enough calcium in the body, it leads to the increase in fat deposits.

When it comes to obesity problem, many scientists and doctors agree that we gain excessive weight not only because of too many calories in the diet but also because of the lack of some vital nutrients which are essential for proper metabolism. It is not for nothing there is a difference between bad and good calories. Bad ones transform into fat deposits, while good ones are easily digestible, stimulate metabolism and easily removed.

Bananas are highly valuable natural food and help to lose weight, too. Dietary fiber fills up the stomach suppressing hunger quickly and then brush away all unwanted fats. The breakfast of bananas and warm water is the perfect chance to start your efforts for nice figure and healthy lifestyle.

Note: It is crucial to bear in mind that there is no diet that will prove effective if you skip any physical activity.