Tangerines Help Burn Fat

TangerinesSouth Korean scientists experimentally found that tangerines are great remedy against fat deposits in liver.

During the study on the health effects of citruses, many young volunteers were tested.

Over two months, their menu included lots of tangerines and tangerine juice.

Then all participants were weighed and the results showed they all lost weight. Ultrasound tests also showed the reduction in liver fat deposits, and some participants even got rid of them completely.

Lab experiments where mice were given concentrated tangerine juice during 30 days showed that mice lost nearly a half of their initial weight. So fat-fighting properties of tangerines have been confirmed.

With this knowledge, it would make sense to serve a lot of citrus desserts (including tangerines) on big parties like New Year to help our digestion cope with hearty meals.

Note: It would be a healthy eating habit to consume 2-3 tangerines after lunch or dinner throughout the year. Doing so, you also protect your liver and avoid excessive weight problems.