Water and Weight Loss

Our health and looks largely depend on the quantity and quality of water we consume. Water is vital, it plays major role in all metabolic process in our body. Water help to transport nutrients to the cells and removes toxins. According to scientists, we need to drink 3-3.5 pints (1.5-2 liters) of water every day.

The lack of water causes the problems with kidneys, heart and blood vessels in the first place and the skin becomes dry and withered. What’s more, the lack of water in the body contributes to metabolism disorders and excessive weight. Why does it happen? Scientists found that when our body senses there isn’t enough water for metabolic processes it starts to store water in tissues in the form of fat cells. As the water level comes back to normal, all excessive fat will be dissolved gradually and removed in the form of liquid.

Moreover, drinking a glass of water before meal suppresses appetite so you will feel filled quicker as your stomach gets full quicker. Also, it is better not to eat your stress away because extra calories will eventually be deposited in hips and belly. You’d better “drink” it away by drinking cool pure plain water.

Note: If you feel like eating because you are stressed out, drink a glass of water and you are going to enjoy well-being, beautiful skin and slim figure. So it would be a healthy habit to have a pitcher of filtered water around when you work or have a rest and drink water throughout the day.
A Glass of Water

A Glass of Water