The Strawberry Carpaccio with Parmesan Recipe

Italy is now in the heart of the strawberry season. Strawberry goes well with fresh tender parmesan that is so wonderfully melting and crumbly. When they come together in one dish this duo will give minutes of sheer pleasure.

Ingredients for Strawberry Carpaccio

  • 0.4 lb strawberry
  • parmesan to taste
  • maple syrup
  • Ingredients for Strawberry Carpaccio

    Ingredients for Strawberry Carpaccio

Recipe for Strawberry Carpaccio

  1. Wash strawberry and cut along into thin slices.
  2. Put it out on a dessert plate, sprinkle with pieces of cheese on top.
  3. Pour some maple syrup over and enjoy.
  4. Strawberry Carpaccio with Parmesan

    Strawberry Carpaccio with Parmesan

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