The Salad with Tripe Recipe

Tripe dishes are popular in many countries. Tripe can be roasted, stewed, used in soups and salads. Tripe is trippa in Italian. They even have an establishment known as L’Accademia della Trippa which deals with best recipes and preserves the history of tripe cuisine. Tuscany is the place to go for the best tripe dishes. They even hold holidays there where they serve various treats with trippa.

Ingredients for Salad with Tripe

    • 1.1 lb tripe
    • a bunch of parsley
    • a lemon
    • olive oil, salt, pepper
Ingredients for Salad with Tripe

Ingredients for Salad with Tripe

Recipe for Salad with Tripe

    1. If you have a piece of uncleaned tripe, you’ll have to scrape it and rinse it several times in running water. Then boil it. In Italian shops they sell tripe already cleaned and boiled, ready for cooking. In this case just cut it into thin strips.
    2. Chop parsley finely, squeeze out juice from a lemon. Mix it all with olive oil, salt, pepper.
    3. Pour the dressing over pieces of tripe.
    4. For a better effect give them 20-30 minutes to soak well.
The Salad with Tripe

The Salad with Tripe


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