Beet Juice Increases Endurance

A research conducted by English scientists showed that red beet…

Pistachios Are Healthy for Blood Vessels and Heart

Pistachios can be an important component of a healthy diet. Scientists…

Large Amounts of Strong Coffee Do Harm to the Heart

Italian scientists carried out series of tests to investigate…
Tomato Diet Saves from Obesity and Cancer

Tomatoes for a Healthy Heart

All the British drugstores will be selling pills made from tomatoes…

Maize News

Maize is the only one of the edible plants able to accumulate…

Green Tea Protects Heart

There has been said a lot about the health benefits of green…

What Is Unhealthy About Margarine Foods?

There has been said a lot about unhealthy effects of manufactured…

Milk and Heart Health

The latest news about milk health benefits: Regular milk intake…
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Veal Heart with Light Sauce

Low-fat veal heart is high in proteins and contains iron, zinc,…