Beet Juice Increases Endurance

A research conducted by English scientists showed that red beet juice increases endurance and enables us to workout, move and do physical work 16 % longer without tiring our muscles. Scientists believe that these findings are of interest not for sportsmen only, but also for mature individuals and those who suffer from metabolic problems, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

The research was headed by Professor Andy Jones of the University of Exeter’s School of Sport and Health Sciences. He and his colleagues found that beet juice reduces oxygen absorption more than it can be done by any other known means. Jones underlined that this research is the first one which shows that the nitrate-rich food can increase endurance. Studying the way the nitrates function resulted in their wider usage and led to the discovery that nitric oxide – which nitrates turn into – is important for normal vessel function maintenance and enhances their tonus.

The experiment covered a group of men who took small portions amounting to about two beet juice cups every day for a week. The juice was diluted with water as it is extremely bioactive and can cause sickness. The men’s blood tests were taken and other health factors were examined. They also did intensive workouts, weight lifting, exercycle. It was found that their blood pressure did not rise even during the most strenuous exercises and in some cases it even went down. Infrared spectroscopy showed that muscles were absorbing less oxygen. Pulmonary oxygen absorption was reduced by 19 %. Besides, when doing strenuous exercises, more time passed before exhaustion set in when volunteers drank beet juice compared with the times they didn’t.

Jones said that professional athletes and amateur sportsmen will be interested in the results of this research. It also relates to people who have cardiovascular problems and cannot lead an active lifestyle.