Soy Sauce as Useful as Red Wine

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Many of us neglect soy sauce, mainly due to the chemicals that accelerate its fermentation. Nevertheless, we should understand that there is good quality sauce, prepared naturally. It is good for health, though more expensive. However, health is not something to save on.

According to Singaporean scientists, dark soy sauce can be even more effective in cell protection than red wine.

The study showed that soy sauce contains the antioxidants, which are ten times more efficient than those contained in wine. Obtained from fermented soybeans, natural sauce has properties analogous to those of vitamin C, but in a 150 times greater concentration.

Experiments revealed that soy sauce improves blood circulation by 50% a few hours after its intake. This prevents the development of cardiovascular disease, heart failure, and many other problems.

Soy Sauce as Useful as Red Wine

Soy Sauce as Useful as Red Wine


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