What Foods Help Fight Obesity?

You may think it’s a bit of an eyewash there being any food that could help fight obesity – you have to get along half-starved all the time if you don’t want to put on weight. But you are wrong! Scientists from the University of Florida think that you must eat to lose weight, but eat only the right stuff. The results of their research containing some facts of interest were published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

Heather K. Vincent, Ph. D., lead researcher and the author of the study, writes that people should be urged to eat more foods rich in microelements and minerals to prevent obesity. They are fruits, vegetables, whole grain and soy foods. She recommends eating products rich in phytochemical substances of vegetable origin before main meals. You can eat salads with olive oil or fresh vegetables, sugar-low fruits, herbs, nuts and beans. This way you will play down your appetite and eat less during the main meal. Also you get the protection of natural antioxidants against oxidative processes which are set off by the accumulation of fatty tissue.

Instead of making radical diet changes people can replace one or two meals a day with products rich in phytochemical substances. For example, replace instant coffee with fat cream and sugar with green leaf or white tea with lemon and honey, and pick up an orange, a pear or an apple instead of chips. Vincent writes you can even increase the intake of fresh and frozen fruits, berries, vegetables to bring about the pleasant feeling of fullness. Make a habit of it to fight down obesity and diseases. She also warns against processed food and different half-made foods which are full of harmful hydrogenated fats, chemical coloring, preservatives and empty calories.

Greens, Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts

Greens, Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts

  • pjnoir

    Carbs make people fat not fat. Cut back carbs and insulin is not triggered to store them as fat cells. Carbs like whole grains and starches like potatoes and corn are the cause of obesity not nutrient-dense and rich beef.

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    Good article , thanks and we want more!